Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 1 Review

Finally season 6 has been released on UK Netflix which means it is time to rewatch all of the current seasons again. So let’s see if the show still holds up to my high expectations.

We follow the lives of the detectives in the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. We follow them as they go through cases as well as seeing how they are in their personal lives and how hard it is for them to actually have any sort of social life outside of work. The characters that we mainly follow are Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Cap. Raymond Holt, Terry Jeffords and Gina Linetti. 

The premise behind the show is something I actually find interesting and actually see it come to life and it still being just as good is a great feeling. Getting to see them solve actual cases and see how they are able to put the puzzle together is always really interesting, not only that but to be able to do it with added humour just makes for a fun watch.

Each character brings something to the show, this is normally hard to do as far too often in shows like this too many characters are similar meaning that some scenes do get boring. 

Surprisingly you do get to see some character progression in the first scene which rarely ever happens. When the Captain first starts then Jake is just another cop who is trying to fly solo, however by the end of the series Jake respects the Captain and ends up putting his trust in him.

Acting wise, everyone does their job pretty well, especially Andy Samburg as he brings so much laughter to the show and his on screen relationship with Andre Braugher has to be up there with some of the best including Mike and Harvey from suits, except this time it is a lot funnier.

For a comedy show it does its job very well, but also makes you care about each of its characters and the story line behind each episode. I do wish they would have some stories actually follow on from episode to episode but shows like this very rarely do so. 

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