Suits Season 6 Review

Now with Mike going to jail at the end of the last season I am looking forward to seeing how this show is going to work with this being a major part of the story line. Plus this is the first time I am going to be watching this season so everything is going to be a surprise to me.

 With Mike in jail, then Harvey is going to find a way to get him out early, and he does find a way but the only way to do it would be to get Mike to do the one thing that he would never do and that is to turn his friend in. 

 A lot like season 5 the story does change mid way through the season, but once again I really like that it does. This is because it means that some episodes won’t be just filler to try and get the show to its 16 episode mark. Not only that but the story change that happens could be the turning point for not just Mike but also Pearson Specter Litt.

 I found myself second guessing myself a lot when I was trying to predict what was going to happen next on the show due to just how many twists and turns actually happened. I really enjoyed my time watching this season. This could be because it is the first season so far that is brand new to me, or because we have gotten so close with the characters that any sort of triumph or mistake that happens affects us as well.

I feel like all of the main actors took a step up in this season by showing their skills, with numerous emotional scenes happening throughout then they all couldn’t just play the hard faced lawyers who are trying to win a case any way possible. I love this from the cast and it has made me just enjoy watching them all that much better.

Without a doubt this is my favourite season of the show so far, mainly because I almost cried at the end of the season. Please give this show a watch as I am starting to think it is one of the most underrated shows going.

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