Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman Review

This is a collection of short stories that show us the Norse Gods and what they are capable of, as well as some of the adventures they got up to.

I will start straight off by saying that the story writing here is really damn good, and seeing how this is the first book I have ever read from this author it makes me want to go out and buy another one of his books especially if it is mythology related.

During the stories you get to know the three main gods from this area of mythology, those being Odin, Thor and Loki. However don’t expect these to be the same sort of gods you see in the marvel movies, these are the actual Norse gods, the biggest give away being that Thor is not blonde but actually ginger. It is great being able to read about these three and find out what kind of gods they actually were. Odin is as wise as you would expect but has to live with the fact he is not able to change anything even if he is able to see the future. Thor is your stereotypical Jock where he is strong and good at just about everything except when he has got to think. Loki, is somehow both a good and a bad guy yet the gods don’t do anything about the bad side until it is too late.

The short stories are about 30 pages long max, however I found myself reading the first story where we get introduced to everyone and then after that I ended up reading the rest of the book within a day of starting as I was that engaged with the writing.that I didn’t want to stop.

I really enjoyed the few stories we got about some of the lesser known gods and giants of the Norse world. I always love finding out more about mythology and getting this information is great especially when it is written so well.

If you are like me and Percy Jackson got you into mythology then this is a perfect way to keep that love going with it also being a bit more grown up then Percy Jackson.

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