Fable 3 Review

Now we are onto the third and final installment in the series, this is the game I have spent the least amount of time with seeing how it came out near the end of the xbox 360 generation and I ended up moving to PS4 when the new generation came out.

You play as a prince as well as being the son of the hero from Fable 2, however your older brother and the current king have been making decisions that are going to cost Albion in their fight for survival. This means it is up to you to try and find a way to take him down and show to the world that you would be able to do a better job.

Now the story is really interesting as it is not something we have yet to see from the Fable series where you are trying to take down the monarch to try, the other two games have been aiming at saving the world. Not only that but we actually get voice acting for the hero this time which was a bit of a shock when I started playing through the game as I don’t remember this from my first playthrough.

This is the best Fable has looked as a game as you can tell that the developers have gotten used to the specs that the 360 has got and have been able to push it to the very limits, this is evident with the cutscenes. However it is clear that whoever coded the hero forgot to include the numerous different outfits the hero can wear, by this I mean that if someone touches the hero such as in a hug or dancing then they will go through whatever outfit they are wearing and instead just go to the skin.

A feature has been added to the weapons where they will automatically upgrade depending on who uses them on and how many enemies you kill with it. I really liked this feature as it meant you would have to use numerous different weapons in order to try and get the best possible one.

I am in mixed feelings about how you upgrade your hero, as instead of using exp to become better you use guild seals to unlock certain features and upgrades. This does make it easier to get the upgrade you want but I miss being able to collect orbs and slowly seeing my hero become bigger the stronger he is.

The game came with lots of new features that were hit and miss but did make the game fun to play. Obviously some of the changes might be hated by some people but to others might be a welcomed change. For me quality wise it is a better game then both 1 and 2 but I think 2 is still my favourite.

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