Tangled Review

And onto the next Disney movie and this one happens to be Tangled, a retelling of Rapunzel and how she will do anything to get out of the tower that she is trapped in. Anyway, let’s see if this movie can hold a light to Moana.

Before Rapunzel was born her mother was getting sick and the only way to save her was to have her drink a mixture of water and a golden flower. It is because of this that when Rapunzel was born her hair held the same magic powers of flower. This caused her to get kidnapped by a woman who wanted to stay young forever, Rapunzel grows up not knowing she was kidnapped and instead just wanted to see the floating lights that happen to get released on her birthday every single year.

For a retelling of a fairy tale that just about everyone on the planet has probably heard millions of times then it is not too bad as it adds a nice little twist to the story which actually made me want to keep on watching to find out if they would add anything else to the mix.

I am guessing that a lot of people will say that their favourite characters were Flynn or Rapunzel, well for me, my personal favourites have got to be the two animals. Maximus and Pascal, even though neither of them actually speak they bring a lot to the movie with their physical humour. 

The songs that were sung during this movie are pretty forgettable in my opinion,  the only one I can slightly remember is When will my life begin. Don’t get me wrong the singing voices were just fine but none of the other songs were able to hit home like in other disney movies.

This is the same for the voice acting, with very few parts that actually bring any sort of emotion to you as a viewer I did find myself drifting to look at my phone more the normal. When watching an animated movie I want to be moved by the voice acting, I want to be made to watch the movie just so I don’t miss a single thing and when nothing amazing is happening animation wise then the voice acting needs to be stepped up and that doesn’t happen here.

Overall, it is a good movie and I do think people will probably enjoy it more then what I did but out of the three disney movies I have reviewed so far this is probably the worst one.

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