Fable 2 Review

So after playing through Fable 1 (through Fable Anniversary) I thought I might as well continue the series and go through Fable 2 for the first time since leaving my Xbox 360 behind in the old generation.

You start off as a homeless kid trying to do some jobs for people in order to get money in order to buy a music box that apparently grants one wish. The wish that you and your sister wish for is to live in the castle overlooking your house. When you get there, you and your sister are shot by Lucien, little does he know that you survived and are going to try and stop his plan from destroying the Albion that we have known and loved.

The story is alright, it gives you a reason to keep on playing throughout the game and to see what happens at the end but a lot of the time expect to be going to one place, killing something and then coming back as that is what the majority of the quests are in this game.

Before you are strong enough to be able to take on Lucien you need to find the three heroes who are best in each skill line. I found this to be an interesting way of showing you progressing as a hero. The quest to actually find the three heroes were actually the best ones I played during my time on this game.

The game does look quite good, especially seeing how it was released 12 years ago. Biggest difference in quality between this and Anniversary was the cutscene quality, the new hardware really showed.

My main hate of the first game was the controls as a lot of the time I found myself fighting with them to try and get where I wanted to go. Now, this is another huge improvement as I found myself enjoying playing the game a whole more this time, don’t get me wrong they still aren’t perfect but compared to the first it is beautiful.

Right now out of the two games I have played of this series, this one has to be my new favourite. With the changes made in graphic and controlling quality I dont think i will be able to go back to the first game ever again.

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