Death Note Black Edition Volume 2 Review

After really enjoying my time reading the first volume of this series I thought I might as well jump straight into the second and see if the story keeps on being good as it currently is.

This book continues straight after the first volume as we see Light and L fight it out against each other and try to find a way to get one up on the other. The story is still just as good this time around, as all I want to find out is who is winning and each time I think one of them might be getting slightly ahead the other one does something that turns the favour right back into the middle. I very rarely read books like this but to do so and have it do so well is always a bonus.

You find yourself trying to get into the mind of both of the main characters and to try and see if you are able to get to the next step at the same time, but very rarely will you be able to find yourself on their level. Well either that or I am not as clever as I think I am.

The art is still just as good as the first volume and the addition of the detailed art at the beginning of the volume is a very welcomed gift as we get to see the great work by the artist. However for some reason in this volume, somewhere in the middle of the story the art style does get very detailed for 2 pages.

We get introduced to another character in this volume and I have got mixed feelings about her, she is a stereotypical teenager whenever they fall in love as she will do anything for the guy she has fallen for, so that is pretty annoying. However she does a good job at keeping her true identity secret from all the right people for a while, she does this by making other people think she is actually less intelligent than they think she is. It is going to be interesting to see more from her in the next volume.

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