Bioshock 2 (PS4) Review

So Bioshock is in my top 3 favourite games of all time so of course Bioshock 2 was always going to have some high expectations to keep me happy while playing it. So how did it do?

Like always we will start off with the story, you play as Delta who is a big daddy and is looking after his daughter Elenaor. However Elenaors mother uses mind controlling powers to make Delta shoot himself. 10 years later Delta has been woken up due to the little sisters being controlled by Elenaor.  This is where Deltas journey to get back to his daughter begins as if he doest get back to her soon then he is going to die. He will need to either kill or use the little sisters in order to get enough power to be able to save Eleanor from her own mother and be able to save his own life.

So I am going to be hard about this game due to my love of the first, but even I have to say the story is nothing to write home about. Of course I could be missing a few key points that end up turning this story into something amazing but for me all it is, is a simple go save the day kind of story. Of course we have a few little twists and turns thrown in but nothing that can live up to the standards of the first game.

Now how the game looks. Seeing how I did enjoy the slight upgrade in the new resolutions of the first game seeing how this is part of the same collection then I was expecting something similar but for some reason it just didn’t seem to be in this game. The only part that seemed to have any upgrade in quality is when you are playing as a little sister and you get to see the world from their point of view. Near the end when you get a close up of a dying character then to be totally honest it looks like PS2/Xbox generation graphics and even then that is pushing it. I expected a lot better.

The game does control really well and I found myself enjoying it loads when in the middle of a fight or trying to use a speargun from distance and actually hitting what I was aiming for. I do like the drill as a weapon though as unlike the wrench it has more than just one use, you can use it as a charge attack, or to whack someone, or to use it as a drill and drill into someone, plus with the upgrades it does become very useful towards the end of the game.

Out of the three bioshock games that are currently out, I have to say that this one has always been my least favourite even though at the premise it could have been one of the best as everyone when they first encountered a big daddy always wanted to be one. Still I think if you did enjoy the first game then you should play this before playing the third as you cant leave a collection unfinished and you will still enjoy yourself while playing.

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