Bioshock Review

Bioshock is one of my all time favourite games so getting the chance to play the remastered version again on a PS4 Pro is a must for me. Anyway, it is time for a review.

You play as Jack who has just survived a plane crash and comes to the first bit of dry land he finds, little does he know he is about to enter Rapture. When he gets to Rapture the first thing he hears is Atlas over the radio who is trying to help Jack to get through Rapture, but to do so he is going to have to power himself up using Adam. However the only way to get Adam is by either killing or rescuing little sisters, but they are being protected by Big Daddys. Atlas asks Jack very kindly if he is able to help him take down Ryan and be able to save Rapture and of course, Jack is more than happy to help.

For me the story really doesn’t become good until you finish the game and you find out everything. When you do get to the end and are able to understand what has just happened for the last 10+ hours then that is when you will realise just how good the story is for this game. Before then all you will really find yourself doing is going back and forth doing things for Jack and doing your best to help him.

The game does look better on the remastered version, but that still doesn’t mean it looks the best it possibly could. However, if you have played the original game when it first came out you wouldn’t want it to look any different as it is the style of this game that makes it so good to play. Of course anyone would want a game to look as realistic as possible, but I think if that did happen then the scary parts of the game just wouldn’t hit the same as it is the design that makes it work.

The game plays very well especially with the mixture of using guns/wrench and plasmids to fight your way through rapture. To mix it up every now and then you are able to hack machines or bots to be able to work on your side and at first you will find the hacking to be pretty easy but the more you progress then the harder the hacks become. This brings a nice little challenge to the game as you find yourself stressing late game for ammo but are running out of money so need the discount.

The music does a perfect job in making the game feel that much scarier, don’t get me wrong I do count this game as a horror game but dear god at some points it does become very close indeed.

This is a great game to play and I think it is one of those that literally everybody should play at some point in their lives.

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