Moana (2016) Review

After watching Zootropolis it looks like I have got back into the swing of watching movies again as now I have just finished Moana for the first time and it is time for a review.

We follow the life of Moana who is the future chief of her Island however that is not what she wants to do, she wants to explore the water and see what it has got to give. However, her father basically refuses this and tries to make her stay on the Island. When she has grown up and is in training to overtake the island, the island’s food starts to rot making life very hard for the islanders. This is when Moana has to make the decision to leave the island in search for a way to stop the rot from happening but she can only do this if she doesn’t tell her father.

Now this is the full story and no where close to it but it is enough for you to get a little picture about what the movie is about. The story is alright, it is basically the traditional Disney way of telling any sort of story, the only main difference is that Moana is not a princess which is said multiple times throughout the story.

I did find myself really enjoying the soundtrack of the movie. Every song you hear is just great and makes the movie so much better then it would have been without them. Everything from You’re Welcome to How Far I’ll Go just being amazing. I have since added them to different playlists because I am sure I will be listening to them again.

Voice acting is spot on, Auli’i Cravalho does a beautiful job of being Moana, she shows every single bit of emotion possible and it is because of this that the movie is just so good. Now we can’t forget the other main actor in Dwayne Johnson who plays Maui and he does his job perfectly. Being the cocky characters at the beginning but as the movie goes on we get to see a little bit of a more sensitive side and Dwayne’s interpretation of this really hits home.

 My favourite animation style throughout the whole movie has got to be the water, especially when it comes to life and is able to sort of communicate with Moana. I always found it kind of cute.

Out of the two disney movies I can remember anything of Moana is currently my favorite and is without a doubt a high recommendation.

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