Zootropolis (2016) Review

I never find myself watching movies but due to coronavirus, being hungover and just getting disney plus I found myself going off a recommendation from my nana. So let’s see what Zootropolis is all about.

We follow the life  of Judy Hopps who has one dream and that is become a police officer, however there has never been a rabbit officer. This just makes her more determined to get where she wants in life. When she finally becomes a police officer that is when the story really begins as she has been put on parking duty.

The story was actually surprisingly good as I found myself getting more and more invested as I became more attached to Judy and her surprising partner and just wanted the best for the both of them. Not only that but the outcome of the story was actually a nice little twist that I personally didn’t expect to happen but that might be just because I have watched a movie for quite some time.

I find it a bit pointless when it comes to talking about animation when the movie has come from disney as you know it is going to be some of the best you have ever seen. I couldn’t find a single thing that I was disappointed with while watching animation wise which is exactly what I expected from a multi billion dollar company. Of course it would of been even more impressive if they made the animals even more realistic but that wouldn’t of appealed to the children which are the main audience for this film.

Voice acting is a big thing in an animation movie and they all did a good job throughout. Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Batemen and Idris Elba all did their job very well making the story that much better. 

This is a good movie and would be the perfect movie to watch with a family, it has the right sort of humour for it especially when it comes to the sloths. So if a nice easy movie about animals sounds like it would be up your alley then give this one a try.

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