Saga Volume 1 Review

Currently re reading through the Saga graphic novel series and thought now would be the perfect time to review my thoughts about each volume 1.

You follow the life of Marko and Alana as they are trying their best to try and find somewhere where they are able to raise their child Hazel. You might not think that, that can be that hard to do but when you are both classed as deserters in a galaxy wide war against each other then yes that does make it a little more difficult. They will do anything to live a nice easy life but with different people coming after them then they won’t be able to do this.

Obviously the story is a little bit more complicated than what I have said it is but this is the sort of graphic novel you should go into blind to be able to get the reaction the rest of the people have gotten and only then will you be able to see why it is classed in a lot of peoples opinion to be one of the best graphic novel series ever. The story goes deep and you will find yourself becoming involved with the different characters as they make their journey and just hope for the best for them.

Art wise, it is not the most detailed I have ever seen and does have a cartoony look about it but that is all that is needed to get the image that is needed across. No matter what is happening story wise you could ignore the whole thing and be able to get the story through the pictures, no matter if it is voilence or sex.

The first volume does a great job in making you want to jump straight into the next book and find out how Alana and Marko are going to cope on their next step of the journey.

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