Suits Season 5 Review

 Now this is the season I got to after binging watching the show the first time and I have to say out of all 5 currently reviewed so far this season was without a doubt the best one.

Harvey and Donna have split ways for the first time in 12 years and it is clearly affected Harvey a lot more than he originally thought. He is struggling to go about his day to day life and his mental state is starting to not only affect his personal life but also work. After watching this season I think the writers tried to make it  possible for more people to understand Harvey and what he went through to become the man he is today. I think this because of just how much backstory we get about him and not only that but why he is able to do what he does. I love this and do wish we could get the same about some of the other side characters such as Jessica or Louis but maybe that is in the upcoming seasons.

 This season is basically two separate parts. After the 8th episode the main story all becomes about one thing and I am not going to say what it is expect for that the whole premise of the show might be about to change if things go wrong on Mikes first case as Junior Partner  Before that it is all about protecting the three named partners from one very determined Partner and an old enemy, it is great seeing the three big bosses having to stick together in order to protect themselves but which person is going to have the idea that is going to keep them all safe.

 So much story happens and it is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat making sure that you aren’t going to miss anything as even a little something will probably make you feel a little bit lost as so much happens. 

 Is this the best law based show I have ever seen? Of Course. Is it the best show I have ever seen? Well not yet but after only 5 seasons and 4 more to go then it has got a very good chance of being just that.

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