Suits Season 4 Review

I am now really starting to get into this show again and I just can’t seem to get enough. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Mike no longer works at Pearson Spector and he wants to make his first big hit as an investment banker. So who does his first big come up against well no other then Harvey Spector who is representing the competition in taking over Gillis industries. Is Mike able to make his first big hit be a big win against Harvey or is Harvey going to beat him? Not only that but is someone else about to find out Mike’s little Secret?

From the very start of this season you are made to just keep on watching as you are never able to tell which way the battle against Mike and Harvey is going to go as at some points during the fight one of them is always on top. 

Unlike the last season there isn’t just one story lasting the whole season which I did find to be a good and a bad thing. I really liked just how in depth the story went and you looked forward to a new episode to find out what was coming next in the story. However I can use that exact same point for this season except instead of the same story it is a new one and it feels good to have this sort of storytelling back as it means we get more cases to think about.

Not only that but we get to see how Harvey and Donna actually met and what made them the power house team they are today. I always love finding out more about Harvey as it means he goes from being the cold hearted son of a bitch to finding out what made him that way and we get to find out more about his connection with his father and brother.

Rick Hoffman shoots out on his own as the best actor in this season. Every single episode I loved his performance and the later we get into the season the better he seems to become. We get anger and sadness and it just seems to fit so well into the show that he makes it better on his own.

I did wonder how the show was going to work with Mike no longer being Harveys associate and if it would still make me want to keep watching but the writers found a way to make it just as good if not better and by the end of the season I was loving every single second and can’t wait to start the fifth season.

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