Suits Season 3 Review

After finishing the second season I jumped straight into the third as I needed to know more about what had happened at the end of season 2. Anyway, it is time for a review.

After Racheal finds out what Mike has been keeping a secret about this whole time they finally manage to start a relationship with each other. For the majority of this season the main story is actually connected throughout the episodes and each of the main characters are involved in this big case all thanks to Darby the latest Named Partner of Pearson Darby. It is after each meeting with the client that Harvey and Mike find something new that they have either got to find a way around or find a way to make sure no one else finds out about it. 

It is the story that makes this my favourite season to date of suits. Yes a few episodes in the beginning seasons have got cases that spread over a few episodes but this season they make it last the whole entire season which means you get invested into the story and want to find out more about this case and what exactly is Darby and his team hiding from Jessica’s and her team.

Not only is the case great but it is because of it we get to see more emotion come from Harvey which is much needed. Harvey shows emotion basically once a season but due to how important this case is and what it could mean to Harveys future at the firm he lets his emotions get the better of him sometimes and I loved every single minute of it as it means we now know Harvey is not a robot but in fact is like everyone else but just chooses to hide his feelings a lot of the time,

All of this means that Gabriel Macht has shown us his full range of acting skills and has now made me respect him more of an actor as everyone can play a robot when they need to but to show that much emotion just means he is better than I first thought. This could be said for the whole cast as each and everyone of them goes through something this season which no matter if you like the show or not it will make you respect them that much more.

With the way the final episode of the season left everything it has made me want to jump straight into season 4 to see how the show is going to be this time especially after the major change.

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