Suits Season 2 Review

After Jessica finds out that Mike has not gone to a law school she has the hard choice of deciding to keep him or firing him but at the same time also losing Harvey who says that if Mike goes he goes. While all of this is happening the named partner Daniel Hardman is coming back to the firm and it is up to Jessica and Harvey to try and find a way to stop him trying to take back control again.

I have kept the above paragraph very short as so much happens in this season that I am worried if I say anymore then I am going to spoil a lot for people who have yet to watch the show. I said in the first season review that it is the story that makes me want to keep on coming back for more and it is once again the same for this season. So much happens that i found myself thinking about the show while at work even though I have seen up to season 5. It is not even just the story surrounding the firm that I enjoy it is the side stories that are involved such as the relationship between Mike and Racheal, from start to the end you will spend a lot of your time wondering if Mike is ever going to tell Racheal his secret and finally get the chance of getting with her.

Having a good story is a good start to a show but if the acting cant keep up it does ruin everything. Once again Suit is smashing it out of the window as the actors are in my own opinion perfect. I can’t fault a single one of the 6 main actors and any of the side actors who are brought do an amazing job as well.

The way that the second season ended made me want to not even write a review and just jump into season three so I was able to find out what is going to happen next with Pearson Hardman but I hate starting a new show/season without writing a review so here we go. Give this show a watch trust me you wont regret it.

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