Coffin Dodgers Review

All I knew about this game before playing it was the fact that it is a kart racer and that it is an easy platinum. So what did I think of it?

Well story wise that changes if you are playing as an old person or Grim reaper, but you can’t be grim until you finish the story with an old person. Anyway, it is up to you as an old person to try and survive, you do this by winning every race and staying ahead of grim. If you lose then you become a zombie. If you play as Grim that you need to win in order to kill everyone who is behind you, when you win then the whole world gets taken over by the zombies. It is a very basic story and you only really get told all of this at the beginning and the end, but with a kart Racer it is more than I was expecting.

Graphic wise the game does look alright, nothing amazing and nothing that is going to make you want to stop playing and look at everything but for a game that costs less than £5 then it is not bad. The characters do a nice look to them even if they are a bit blocky for my liking.

Now the bad part, the game controls like shit. I think they have made the turning circle far too small as if you are trying to turn a corner then you will find yourself not holding the stick in the direction but just tapping it ever so slightly a few times in order to turn. When it comes to upgrades you only really see a difference in your kart when you get the final upgrade on each selection but either way it is a nice feature to have.

Weapon wise I am in the middle because some of them work really well and two don’t. The ones that work well do their job and you don’t mind having them but the other two it is a different story. The rockets and the uzi are dog shit. If you are about to go down a ramp then don’t use your rockets as your rockets don’t know how to go up or down just straight ahead, while the uzi if you are lucky will get 5 shots out of it 20+ magazine and that is even when you are right behind the target.

Overall it is worth the low price you will pay for it as after two goes of the story which takes about thirty minutes per go you will come out with a platinum to add to your collection. 

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