Fable Anniversary Edition Review

So Fabel is one of my all time favourite series and I have finally gotten around to buying a new xbox one so I am able to play them again. It’s been about 6 years since my last playthrough so let’s see what I think 

You play as a hero in the world known as Albion, after your village is attacked by bandits you are taken in at the guild to start your life as a hero or villain depending on the actions you choose. From here you learn how to fight, use a bow and magic, and that’s when the real game starts. You are given quest after quest in order to bring some order to Albion and are given the option of the good or the bad and whichever one you choose will affect the outcome of the ending.

 Back when this game first came out in 2004 being able to choose your outcome was still a new thing and people loved it but in today’s world of gaming it is so overdone that it does become a little boring. However this still doesn’t mean it isn’t fun choosing if you are going to kill the bandits or help them.

Graphically wise it is an improvement over the original game which is always a welcomed bonus but 7 years later the game is starting to look really dated.

Now the game play, this is where the score is going to start coming down. Melee combat works fine with you having to choose between attacking, blocking and dodging and to be fair the other two arts work just as well but it is because of the aiming that the game does struggle in these areas. You are told to use the LT to try and aim at the enemy from afar but far too many times I tried this and ended up aiming behind me or just no where near the enemy even if the enemy was highlighted. This made me just want to stop all ranged fighting unless absolutely necessary as it just caused so much frustration.

Overall the game is still worth a play today as it does make for a good RPG with decision making and a decent story combined but don’t be expecting too much from the obvious weak points in the combat system.

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  1. Good review, whilst I loved Fable 2, and Fable 3 wasn’t too bad I had never gotten on with the original as it was a bit slow to start and quite dated by the time I got to it but I decided to play the anniversary edition recently as it was free on Xbox and again the slow start had me on the fence but I ended up thoughly enjoying it towards the end, although the jittering camera in Bowerstone South was annoying and I feel they could have put some more effort into fixing some of the major exploits that are possible, but overall like you said it’s held up surprisingly well for an old game though the menu and combat system is a bit clunky by modern standards it’s been a pleasure to play even just for filling in the story elements of the franchise.


    1. If they just sorted out the movement and the targeting system I think it could be one of the best games from the 360 era


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