Grand Theft Auto 5 – PS4 – Review

This is my first ever Grand Theft Auto, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get around to actually playing one and seeing if all the hype is worth it but I guess it is time I found out. This review is for the offline mode only, as I feel like the online is basically a whole other game.

You play as one of three characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each one of them has their own special ability that will come in very useful as you are playing through the game. Michael is currently under witness protection after almost dying in a bank heist. Franklin is trying to find a way of getting out of the hood and making as much money doing so. While Trevor is trying to sell Meth when he finds out that Michael is in fact a live and not actually dead like he thought for ten years. The story follows the guys as they try and stop the government taking them down while also making their own money on the side.

I would never think that the story of a GTA game would be this intense and actually want me to keep playing through the game to find out more. The way you get to know more personally about each of the characters was brilliant and you really do get closer with each of them as the game progress as you get used to their quirks.. It wasn’t just the story missions either, it was the stranger and freaks missions that you found out more about them and get to see them progress as people from the first time you play with them to the end.

One feature I really enjoyed from the game was stats and how you were able to improve them as you went through the game. You get to feel the actual improvement of the characters as you play through them which is great as being barely able to drive with Trevor as he has the lowest driving stat to having him work his way up to being almost as good as Franklin is at the start of the game. At the start you would barely be able to turn a corner without smashing into something.

I think the game looks amazing, the whole town of Los Santos is fantastic to look at, especially when you are driving around and finding all the different areas. But even when you travel outside of Los Santos into the desert area, then the run down area still looks really good. You notice it more during the missions when you put the area into cinematic mode and it pans around you.

For me this game has got to be up there for game of the decade.

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