Baby Driver – 2017- Review

This is a movie I wanted to go and see when I first heard about it as it interested me at the time but due to work I never found time to go and see it, however now it is on netflix and who needs sleep anyway. 

Baby is a getaway drive and is only one because he is paying back a debt to someone who he stole a car from. He hates every single second of it except for the part where he gets to drive, when he gets to drive with his music on that is all he focuses on. He manages to pay off his debt and he thinks he has given up the getaway driving gig forever until he has been reached again and been given an offer he can’t refuse.

The story is what got me interested in the whole movie, it seemed to be very similar to the Fast and Furious movies but with a better storyline. When you actually sit and watch the movie the story is a lot better than you would think at first. He has his earphones in the whole time because he has tinnitus, he also drives better when he has his music playing and you get to see what it is like for him when he doesn’t get to listen to his music which was an interesting scene. I do like the relationship progression between Baby and Debora, but one part of the relationship I don’t get is how they have only just met and she is willing to drive away to nowhere in particular, I wish a little bit more time was spent on this part of the story as it would of probably made more sense to me if I knew why this happened.

Now the camera work and editing in this movie is simply put perfection, it could be when Baby is driving, dancing or running each time there is music playing and Baby is in the scene then be prepared for some beautiful scenes. This is why I kept watching as I needed more scenes like this in my life, everything just seemed to fit to perfection and it just made the whole movie go from being alright to really fucking good.

The soundtrack is pretty decent as well, it is all older style music from bands such as Queen, Barry White and Blur which is not my style and I didn’t really click with any of the songs but I have to say that the songs they choose did fit perfectly with each scene they were in. I also like the way they used songs named after Baby and Debora in numerous scenes it just made that scene a bit more special.

I do like the acting coming from Ansel Elgort and Jon Hamm especially near the end of the movie where things get a bit more serious and they pull of the big guns. They make you feel for the characters which is good in the final few scenes as it is needed. Lily James, Jamie Foxx and Eiza Gonzalez did alright as well but I personally feel there was more to come from them.

This is a really good movie and I do recommend you give it a watch if you have yet to.

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