Far Cry 3 – PS4 – Review

One of my all time favourite games was released on the latest generation of consoles last year, so it is time for me to replay through the amazing adventure all over again.

You play as Jason Brody who has just been left trapped on an island and is kidnapped by Vaas the leader of the pirates on the island. After managing to escape thanks to help from his brother, he meets with Dennis who is part of the Rakyat tribe on the island who wants to stop Vaas and are willing to help Jason find his friends if he helps them rid the island of Vaas at the same time.

For me this is one of the first games where the story was an important part of the game, I loved it back when I first played it on my Xbox 360 and 7 years later playing it again on my PS4 made me just love it that much more. Most people will probably remember a specific line from the game coming from Vaas however that is just a small part into how well the story was written and how it makes you actually care for the characters and the choices you make.

The gameplay is pretty good, the fighting is near enough perfect with the different types of guns you are able to use. Like in Far Cry 4 I used the bow the most as its range and one shot kill works well with my preferred playing staying in first person shooters. However the second you drive anything then the game goes from near perfect to diving head first to disaster. You would’ve thought they might have fixed this in the remaster but apparently not as it is still just as bad as when I first played. 

There is so much for you to do in the game that you will find yourself not even touching the main line story for a little bit as you will get distracted trying to get all of the tower activated so you can see the full map or trying to take on all of the outpost so you can get access to better weapons.

I love this game to the point where I have the platinum for it. Yes I know it is a very easy platinum and can be gotten in 30 hours or less, but I don’t really care about trophies and only really go for Platinums in games I really care about (or ones that can be done in less than an hour). Trust me when I say play this game it is worth it.

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