Evoland Review

So looking for a new game on my switch and came across the evoland series. 2 games in 1 for £18 can’t go wrong, right? Let’s find out as I review the first Evoland game.

The games main premise is that the game gets more like modern rpgs as you slowly progress? How do you progress? By finding treasure chests which could hold cards for an ingame game, one of 30 stars to find in game or an achievement which will add something to the game. For me this is a great feature as you look forward to seeing what you are going to unlock next and see what that will add to the game. 

The story is alright especially for a game that can be beaten in less than 2 hours. You start in the middle of a forest and have to make your way to a town. It is from there that the real story starts. I am going to leave this section there as I don’t want to spoil anything incase you haven’t actually played the game yet. 

The music is really good as well. When you first start playing there isn’t any, this is because it is an unlockable. When you do unlock the music then it does increase in quality as you unlock more music options. I love this feature as it means you won’t be getting stuck with the same sort of music throughout the game. However I did find most of the tracks to be very stereotypical rpg style. The only track I did find myself enjoying was the final boss battle as it is because it doesn’t really sound like anything else in the game. 

The game controls alright but as you can guess the controls improve as you progress through the game. So it is not till mid way through the game that you get the final control options and then it because apart of the game to solve a puzzle using it. 

I think the game has a great premise and it is pulled off very well as you just want to unlock everything you can find to get the best possible game you can. However I do think that instead of following every other RPG they could of added in some of their own eliminates to make the game a bit more original instead of copying other people’s ideas.

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