Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) Review

It has been some time since I last played a Mario game so with my recent purchase of a switch, thought it was about time to play the best one ever made apparently. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Mario is once again trying to save Peach from Bowser, this time however Mario has a friend, cappy is a ghost who is able to possess things. Mario and Cappy are working together to go across multiple kingdoms in order to try and save Peach from having to marry Bowser.

I dumbed down the story a lot to try and make sure I didn’t give away any spoilers but I will say it is probably one of the best stories that has ever come out of a normal mario game. Of course a few of the side games such as Paper Mario and Mario RPG have got better stories but this is a normal mario game with a story so it does make a huge difference. Normally when I play Mario games I get bored very quickly as I find myself growing bored of doing the same thing again and again and not seeming to be able to progress with the story, this time however I wanted to keep going just to find out what the ending of the story was going to be and I am so glad I did as the ending was great.

What makes this game great is the way it controls and just how easy it is to master just about every skill in the game. This makes the game really fun to play and try and figure out what the best move is to use at the time. With this being a 3d mario game it has similarities to the galaxy games as well as 64, for me I think this is the perfect mixture of both allowing people who didn’t get a chance to play those games.

The sound track is on a different level, I see a lot of people say that the soundtracks in mario games are always great but I never understood why as they all feel the same. Well that was until this game along and blow everything I said about a mario soundtrack out of the fucking water. You want to get to a new world just to hear what new music the world is going to bring.

It is also the best mario game has ever looked, with the amount of detail going into each character, plus the chance for different costumes you will find something new to keep you entertained with this game. If you have a switch, buy this game immediately trust me when I say you won’t regret it.

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