Far Cry 4 Review

Far Cry is one of my favourite series and I always love going back to the games to relive the story and islands all over again. To me it feels like each time you play it, you will play it a different way which just makes it more fun to replay.

Pagan Min is the king of Kyrat, but when Ajay is on his way back to spread his mother’s ashes as her last wish they meet paths. Ajay finds out that Pagan Min and his mother have a history together, however after being saved from the clutches of Pagan Min by the golden path, Ajay takes his dads side and tries to save Kyrat from the rule of Pagan. He does this by talking to the current two leaders of the Golden Path Amita and Sabal and it comes down to him to decide which side to take and to choose what is more important at the time for the Golden Path. Is Ajay able to do what his Dad couldn’t? But most importantly is he able to fulfill his mother’s dying wish. 

The story is amazing and no matter how many times you play the game you will find yourself coming back to time and time again as it is just that good. You develop an emotional bond with your chosen leader of the Golden Path and want to do whatever they say when they give you the reasons for it. For me though the parts I enjoyed most of all were the conversations Pagan had with Ajay. I would look forward to them as for me he seemed the most intelligent character that the game had to offer and at times I found myself wanting to be on his side and not the Golden Path.

The gameplay is very good, for me who plays these sort of games with the bow the majority of the time it felt so smooth throughout the game, shooting were you wanted it to go, having to change the height in order to shoot enemies far away it just felt natural. At the time I didn’t have the bow I would use the RPG (for helicopters), a shotgun and a LMG (I hate reloading) and they all felt just as good as the bow which is always welcomed. 

One thing I have always struggled with in the Far Cry games is the driving especially in 3 but it definitely has some improvements in this game. I am not saying it’s perfect – I can never get used to the analog stick being used for turning and going forward at the same time – but it never stops the game from being almost unplayable. However the wingsuit and parachute mix does need some series work. When deploying the parachute after using the wingsuit I would find it that the parachute would just stop working half way through the use even if I wasn’t around any trees or anything and would often find myself dying due to the fall damage.

I would very happily went for the platinum in this game like I had with Far Cry 3 but due to the game being 5 years old at this point and their being a fair few multiplayer trophies I didn’t see the point. I wished game companies wouldn’t do this for a game series that people play for the campaign and not the online additions. 

Buy this game you can always find it very cheap (below £10) and is well worth the money as you can easily get 30+ of gameplay on the campaign.

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