What Remains of Edith Finch Review

When this game first came out I wasn’t interested in the slightest as from the off you could tell it was just going to be another walking simulator and I wanted nothing to do with it. But when you get the game for free then why not give it a try, thank you ps plus. 

When you jump straight into the game you do notice just how nice the game actually looks and you find yourself looking at just about everything in order to see what it looks like. I love doing this with new games but unfortunately this doesn’t last very long as some scenes seem to look completely different to other causing the graphics to look lazy and very very rushed. For me this drew me out of the emotional story and instead just made me want to focus on the rushed graphics.  

Now the story – the whole point of a walking simulator – how was it? Well I thought the premise was very interesting and the way that they made it come to life was really good as it made you want to learn about the Finch family and find out what it is that is happening to them. Having the story being told partly by Edith Finch Jr and the rest being told by the actual people themselves was great and it made me want to keep playing to find out more and I was a little disappointed when the game actually ended.

I understand why they made the character move so slowly and it is because they are trying to keep you playing for longer and thinking about what has just happened but at certain times you are pressing down on L3 trying to get the character to sprint so that you are able to get to the next part of the story faster. 

I haven’t played a lot of walking simulators but this is a really good one as the story is just that impactful and makes you want to keep playing. However if I had to choose a personal favourite walking simulator it would have to be Firewatch mainly for the different features it added into the game to make it a little bit more engaging. Don’t get me wrong the different cut scenes used in this game worked really well, I just think Firewatch did it better.

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