Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Review

This is a show I watched a year or so ago but wanted to give it a rewatch while also watching Suits. I have forgotten quite a lot of what happened in the show so it is the perfect reason to re-watch and review. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the lives of the detectives in the 99th precinct of Brooklyn. The show starts with the introduction of the new caption know as Ray Holt, he is the first openly gay captain and what his precinct to be one of the best in New York. Jake Peralta is an amazing detective and is the best at the 99 but he is far too relaxed for Ray Holts liking, this causes Ray to pay special attention to Jake in order to make him fit more with the team. Amy Santiago is Jakes competition, she is the only other person who is able to match his numbers with arrest but unlike Jake is very professional and cares what the captain thinks of her and what him to be her mentor. Charles Boyle and Rosa Diaz are the other two main sections at the precinct but don’t manage to keep up with the other twos record. There are Sully and Hitchcock who managed to get 8 arrested between them in a year last year, they are only still there because they have been with the force for over 50 years between them. We follow all of them around as they try and make an arrest with a lot of comedy thrown into each episode.

At first, you won’t really pay attention to the story of the show as you will be too bothered about how funny it is, with the mixture of Jake and Amy being the perfect partners for each other and the number of jokes that they make between them is pretty impressive. It is when you focus on the story that you start to see more of the characters then you first thought and it is amazing.

The look of the show is also great, it gives you a real hands-on experience to what it is like being a detective in New York. It is all just stakeouts and keeping an eye on criminals, it could involve you jumping in the trash or fighting criminals in order to get the boss and I couldn’t help myself but loving every minute of it. Even the place where they do all the paperwork is great as you get an open office plan where you are able to see all the characters and what they are doing just adds to the humor especially Sully and Hitchcock.

The acting is also great, each and every character is played perfectly. From Rosa being scary, to Jake being immature it is just brilliant.

This is one of the funniest shows I have watched in a long time and re-watching it has made me remember why I loved it in the first place.

Aaron Morrsi

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