Black Mirror Season 5 Review

Black Mirror is a series I have loved since the very beginning and it seems to be one of the few shows out there that keeps getting better and better with each new season that comes out, I am here hoping that season 5 keeps that up.

This is the second shortest season out of the 5, it ties with the first season (arguably the best) which I was a little bit disappointed by as I have loved that the last two seasons have had 6 episodes so you get more of that charlie brooker writing. 

The three episodes that we get are all aimed at problems that people today might face some time soon or not so far into the future. The first episode is about virtual reality gaming, two friends have recently gotten the newest fighting game which comes with a virtual reality addon that allows you to become one with the character, however it doesn’t take long before they find out it is not only fighting you are able to do in the game. 

The second focuses on social media and what it can do to some people and what it makes people do. The newest social media app craze is making people not take their eyes off their phones (sound familiar), which is something Chris hates. Chris is a taxi driver and is waiting outside of smithereens in order to find someone who works there so he is able to get in contact with the owner of the company.

Finally we have the third episode, which is were we get to see Ashley O (Miley Cyrus) go through her life, which every person watching her thinks she is happy and loves doing what she is doing when in actual fact she is being forced to do all this thanks to her aunt and in fact hates every single second of it.

For me each and every episode hit me in a specific way which makes me remember why I keep coming back to this series again and again no matter what. With the smithereens episodes you find yourself wanting to go on your personal favourite social media app of choice to find out what other people are thinking and it just shows you the exact message that the episode is trying to give off. Ashley O’s episode is my personal favourite due to the numerous different messages it brings out and how it tries to show the people that it doesn’t matter what a camera says it does show the real person.

I think that the main acting in all three episodes is almost flawless with only one person letting the team down in my own personal opinion. That guy being Jaden (Damson Idris), don’t get me wrong he did a really good job in his role, but unlike every other main actor did their jobs flawlessly. When he was in the car with chris there would be times were his face would just be blank showing no sign of emotion. For me if you are trapped in a car with a guy holding a gun at you with cops all around you then it is very doubtful that you are going to be emotionless at this time especially when you are a 23 year old intern.

I do wish that they would release the rock version of on a roll as for my music taste it is the best song in the whole episode.

I personally don’t think this is the best season of the show so far but dear god it is up there, even with the limited about of episodes. I think Charlie Brooker did a fantastic job in writing episodes that people of the current generation are able to link with and might actually get them to think a little bit more about their own lives and habits. 

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