Gunman Clive HD Collection (Switch) Review

I have played the first Gunman Clive game on the 3DS but this was going for £3 on the EShop so why not get both games in one go, and see what the differences were between the 3ds version and the switch version. Anyway, it is time for a review.

In both games you control a cowboy looking character  called Clive (obviously) and go through the 2d side scrolling levels in order to get to the end of each stage and after four stages you will come up against the boss of the level. The overall aim is to try and save a damsel in distress in the first game and in the second it is to defeat the evil duck. 

The story is only their to try and give some incentive to keep playing but after the story has been told if you are anything like me then you will forget that it is even their until you get to the end of the level and find yourself realising why you have played through the level for.

The gameplay is great in both games but I do think that if the games were any longer then they would of gotten really boring doing the same thing again and again. Of course they do try and mix up the levels with different types of enemies and different platforming challenges but even then there’s only so many types you can introduce without the game become too hard or boring. 

The games together take 2 hours max and that is only if you are bad at platformers (like me) but you seem some people manage to beat both in less than 40 minutes. But for the price tag of £3 then it is well worth the money as you get to experience both games for such a little price.

The music is really good and you do find yourself enjoying the music more then the actual levels in some occasions, and fuck me the boss music is insanse and since finishing I have went on youtube and listen to the tracks again as I just enjoyed them so much.

For the price I doubt you could find this collection a waste of money but I do recommend getting it on the switch just due to the screen as I think it looks a lot better than the 3ds screen.

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