Far Cry 3 Classic Edition (PS4) Review

Far Cry 3 is a game I have played multiple times since its release and it is still my all time favourite Far Cry game but I have yet to play the Classic Edition and it has been 4 years since I last played the game so let’s have some fun.

A group of friends are traveling on the Rook Islands, while traveling the group of friends have been captured by pirates and Jason Brody manages to escape the pirates. After escaping he meets up with Dennis who manages to save Jason but at the same time see potential in him. After Dennis has explained everything about the Island and explained to Jason that he can get his friends back by taking down Vaas, Jason takes it upon himself to not only save his friends but the whole Island.

The story is described is very dulled down and doesn’t mention a few major characters but I have done that in case someone has yet to play the game and just wants to see what other people thought of it before they buy it themselves. I personally found the story to be really good, every single time you start to think you know what is going to happen then boom something completely different happens making you jump up and try and pay attention yet again. This is what I love in a story, it makes you not care about the multiple side quests happening everywhere but instead focus on this one story to find out what happens.

FC3CE is the original FC3 game but without the co-op or multiplayer included, this means you just get the story, plus the DLC. for me this is perfect as I don’t care about multiplayer or co op mode when I play games I want story or if there is no story then having a good time. I wish more companies did this for the people who actually care about a game with story but also I very much doubt it will become a popular thing.

The driving and fall damage in this game is bloody awful, I forgot just how bad they were and dear god at times I would get so annoyed I would have to take a break to be able to carry on playing. You would fall about 10m of a rock and that would mean instant death no matter how much health you had, this is just stupid and makes the game that much more annoying. While driving on the road the car is perfectly fine but the second a single wheel goes off road, dear god be prepared to be driving on banana skins as the car doesn’t even control at this point and it is literally quicker to run wherever you are wanting to go.

There is a dead zone in the analog sticks that makes aiming down sights a fucking chore, if you are wanting the cross hairs of your sniper to move a little bit to the right so you can get that perfect headshot then be prepared to be disapointed as due to the dead zone you have to move you analog have way across before any movement happens and this will just cause you to over shoot the shot.

I platinumed this game, mainly because it is a very easy platinum and can be done in about 25 hours depending on what difficulty you are playing on. If you are a trophy collector then get this game as it is super easy and can really be done in a day if you are playing on easy. If you already own this game on any console then don’t buy this game as it really isn’t worth the money playing £30 to get the same game again with less features but if you are like me and havent played in years and want the far cry experience then this is perfect for you.

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