FRAG Pro Shooter (App) Review

This is the first app I have reviewed on this site and it is a game I have spent quite a bit of time playing on so I decided to finally get around to reviewing it.

FRAG Pro Shooter (Frag from now on) is a 5 v 5 shooter on mobile, but you only control one character at a time and if you die then you get the chance to transfer to another character on your team and go and finish the match by either reducing the enemy of all of their points or by destroying the 3 targets.

This game reminds me of a mix between clash royale and call of duty which is a pretty good mix to be in between. Clash Royale because of the way you get new characters and the way you upgrade. You do so by getting chests which inside have got cards and each card will either give you a whole new character or numerous old characters which you can use to level that character up with by using coins. Call of Duty because its a 5 v 5 shooting match.

The character leveling up system is what lets the game not be a 5 star and instead a 4, yes you can play the game without giving the game a single penny but it does make the game very slow to make any progression with characters and it does get boring having to wait 4-24 hours to open a chest depending on what chest you get. I have spent £25 on this game on a starter pack which gave me numerous coins and new characters which allowed me to jump from arena 1 to arena 3 very quickly and it felt like I was cheating, this game is also the first game I have ever used Microtransactions on and it will also be the last as it was just not fair.

For a mobile game i think the game control amazingly well, you have three buttons on screen with one being an analog stick and the other two being the choice of two weapons which you only need to press if you want to reload before getting an empty mag. You use your other thumb to rotate the camera and it all feels really smooth, this made the game feel that much better and made you want to play more as you knew you could never blame the controls for anything.

The game does look really good, it does have the same sort of vibe as clash royale with the cartoony character but with all the different looks they have got you don’t get bored of.

I don’t know if i am so absolute beast at this game or I have been paired up with bots for every single one of my 100+ matches but I have never lost a match, I have left two but that was due to running out of data and battery. Either a lot of people don’t know the basic idea behind the game or buying that starter pack made my characters super over powered. One feature I do like is the fact that if you do leave a match then you are punished by losing trophies and trophies are used to match you up with other people your level, so if you lose trophies you have to verse worse players.

If you are wanting a game that you can spend a quick 5 minutes on every now and then, then this is the game for you as it means you won’t have to spend a single penny on anything and still have a good time.

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