Kick Ass 2 (Graphic Novel) Review

After reading the first Kick Ass graphic novel I had to get on amazon and order the sequel just so I would be able to keep going with the story as fast as possible. The graphic novel arrived today and I finished part 2 today so it is time for a review.

The story is very similar to how the movie portrayed it with Red Mist disappearing for a long period of time and then coming back with the intention on taking Kick Ass down for killing his dad. He does this by getting his own group of super villains to help him out by finding out who Kick Ass really is and making sure that anyone who he loves is killed to give him pain. While this is happening Kick Ass is forming his own super group but instead of going to find people to put in prision he just making sure that the city is safer and is a better place for all people, he does this with his group by helping out in soup kitchens and helping people would with missing people. Of course if they see a crime happening then they will do what ever they can in order to stop it.

Im not going to spoil any more of the story but it is a lot darker then the story in the movie suggests which I was really surprised by, but if I am to be perfectly honest with this being a more real to life story it makes sense that the story gets a lot darker. With how dark the story gets I love seeing the way that Dave manages to cope with how everything goes on.

The comic goes into a lot of detail with the art even if it involves places where you wished it didn’t such as when a man gets half of his skull chopped off or with a women whos head is cut off and you are able to see the ligaments and veins in her neck. But I have got to admit that art is some of the best I have seen in a comic and reminds me a lot of how the game borderlands look which is some of my favourite art ever.

If you like really dark stories then this graphic novel is probably going to be for you if not then there are some questionable scenes that you might want to give a miss but in my own opinion they add to the story. If you have seen Kick Ass 2 the movie and want to see more then give this a read and you will enjoy it.


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