Snotgirl (Graphic Novel) Book 1 Review

After finishing Y The Last Man I wanted a new graphic novel series to get into and that happens to be Snotgirl. I have literally no idea what this is going to be about and only bought it because I like the title.

We follow Lottie, who is a fashion Blogger and is trying to live her life but things seem to keep happening. Her ex boyfriend keeps being in the same area has her with his new girlfriend who Lottie seems to think is copying her, she has met a new friend who she absolutely loves but also she thinks has died.

For me this story sounds really good especially from the off but the way it is told doesn’t make it seems as good and it does take quite a while for any sort of story to happen. Basically everything I have just told you about the story is what they covered in 6 volumes (plus a little extra I didn’t want to spoil too much). As a lot of people know I love story and when you read something you want story, you want progression and to have to wait 5 volumes to be able to get that is a bit sucky (for a lack of a better word).

The art style is alright, it does its job and does well at showing just how extra Lottie and her best friends are but one thing I do really hate is the fact that when they draw a character from anything further then right in your face they don’t give them eyes and it freaks me the fuck out. I don’t get it, and I always wonder why they do this instead of just drawing smaller eyes.

The final 15 pages of this book is just pictures, full page picture of Lottie, and 3 pages of sketches. They do look amazing, if anything they are the best art on the whole novel but I wish they did what Y the last man did and put it as a volume splitter to make it slightly easier to know when the next volume is.

Am I going to buy the next book and read it, yeah probably. Am I hoping for a really big improvement of the series hell yes.

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