Y The Last Man Book 5 Review

This is it, the finale of a series I have loved from the off. I have been wondering since finishing book 4 what exactly are they going to do to make the ending to this series work. Well let’s find out.

I am not going to say a single bit about the story in this review as every single part that I could mention could lead to a spoiler so I am going to leave this blank for the first time ever in my four years worth of reviewing part time.

I am going to say that when actually reading through the book I found myself not being able to put it down and I made the horrible mistake of starting it while on my break from work, I had to make the horrid choice of going back to work and having to wonder what is going to happen for the rest of the shift or somehow find a way to not go back. Unfortunately I had to go back, but you know that as soon as I finished I was back in bed reading trying to get to the end and finding out what happened.

Did I like how the series ended? HELL FUCKING YES I DID. It had everything you want from an ending, especially in a series as dramatic as this. All I am going to say on the story is it is not all happy endings for everyone and if the ending did turn out that way then I know I would have been disappointed in the writing. If you have been invested in the series from the start then this is the perfect ending to the series and it answers just about every question you could think of.

Brian K Vaughan needs some sort of medal or award or something just for his writing in this book never mind in any of the saga volumes as he is simply a genius and I need more from him now more than ever.

This series is a must read not just for graphic novel lovers but for readers everywhere as it has got every single thing anybody would love and it will always keep you on your toes and make for an exciting read.

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