Y The Last Man Book 4 Review

After how much I enjoyed the third book in the series I needed to jump straight into the next book as I needed to know more about Amphersand and if Yorick is ever going to see him again. Also I wanted to know how the relationship between 355 and Dr Mann was going to go after what happened.

Yorick and co are on the way to Japan after leaving Australia, Yorick is just trying to find Beth but at the same time he cant leave without his savoiur. 355 is still just trying to keep Yorick alive long enough so that she is able to help find a cure for the death of all men. Dr Mann is having fun with her new relationship with her pirate friend. But not everything is as how Dr Mann sees to think it is.

I dont know if it is just how the invested I am into the story at this point but I love how even though I think I know the characters really well at this point they still surprise me at every twist and turn. Not only that but also the character growth from how Yorick was during the first book to now it is almost a completely different character and I am loving being apart of the journey and I know want to know what he is going to do in the final book.

I am also loving having so much back story being given to us, not just about the main 3 characters but also the recurring characters and it just feels so good to understand why some of these characters are doing what they are doing.

One thing I disliked about this was the fact that some time parts were missed such as how did Yorick and 355 manage to get back to the boat with Dr mann, we werent told how or when it just happened on the next page.

I am really looking forward to the final book in this series and I know it will be my next read… I think…

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