Let’s Go Eevee (Switch) Review

Pokemon on a console is everything I have wanted for so long now so of course I had to pick up this game even if it was 8 months later. Anyway, it is time for a review.

The game is basically a remake of Pokemon Yellow and it follows the story almost exactly with a few small changes. This means you get your starters and start your journey as a pokemon trainer and from there you go on to take on all the gyms and try and become the champion of the region. However while on this journey Team Rocket are trying to get in your way and it up to you to stop them.

Like most main line pokemon games the story is not brilliant, in fact if it wasn’t for the few Team Rocket encounters I would say that the story was not existent. I do wish that the main line games had the same sort of storytelling as the side games such as the mystery dungeon/ ranger games. Seeing how it is a remake of Pokemon Yellow I wasn’t expecting a story.

This is the best Pokemon has ever looked, seeing the amazing sprites in this sort of resolution is simply amazing. Even if you are switching from portable mode to in the stand and playing the game on the big screen still looks fantastic. I personally think that the jump from Pokemon Black and White to Pokemon X and Y is the same sort of jump from USUM to Eevee and Pikachu graphically and I know can’t wait for the shield and sword.

I do have a few complaints about the game and the main one is the wild battle system, I hate this style of wild battles. I know that they have done this so they can connect the game to Pokemon Go, but this makes the game not feel like a real Pokemon game as one of the best things about Pokemon is not knowing who you are going to face and have a good way of leveling your pokemon.

I also thought that the controls were not the best especially when it came to running as my character would stop and start all the time and would become really annoying a lot of the time. I hated the fact that I couldn’t use my pro controller, i ended up playing the majority of the game in handheld mode as I didn’t want to use the catching controls the game wanted such as throwing the joy con.

For me as a pokemon game this is doesn’t even make the top ten, looks wise it is amazing and the best ever but everything else I really didn’t enjoy this game and I hope they do better with Sword and Shield.

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