Y : The Last Man Book 3 Review

I have loved everything about this series so far so being able to get past the half way point of of the series was a must. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Yorick, 355 and Dr Mann have finally made it to Dr mann back up lab and are able to find out why Yorick is the last man alive and if they are able to find a way to make sure that more boys are going to be able to live in this new world. It is while at the lab that Amphersand has been kidnapped and the group are trying their best to find him and the best way to do that is by boarding a ship heading to Austrilia.

The story for me is getting better and better with each new book as we get more details about this amazing world and getting to know the character even more. Now I am into the third book of this series Yorick, 355 and Dr mann are all very familiar character but even then they still manage to do things that surprise me and that is what makes me want to keep reading, not only to find out what they are going to do about the human race but to also learn more about the characters.

The art style is great and I am still loving every single thing I see when reading, I said it in my review of Book 1 that the art they use before a different P.O.V. is amazing and I want to rush forward to try and see them all as they are just that good. I would love them to release this series again as one big book with that sort of art style, I would happily pay £100 for that sort of release.

With how this book left off you know that I have already order book 4 and looking forward to when I get a chance to be able to read it and find out more.

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