Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Review

This game was on sale recently on the PlayStation store so after wanting to play it when it first came out as I loved the original games but I didn’t have a PS4 at the time. Now I have bought it, finished and it is now time for a review.


This game has got the same story as the movie that came out in 2016. The story is told by Captain Qwark, he is telling a fellow prisoner in jail why he happened to be there and decided to start from the very beginning where he met Ratchet and Clank. Ratchet has always had a dream of joining the Rangers and Captain Qwark is his hero, so after finishing the test that is needed to join the Rangers and doing amazing in it he is turned down by Qwark. Not long after Ratchet ends up saving the Rangers from being over taken over by Warbots, this is where Qwark has no choice but to let Ratchet join the Rangers and allow them to see exactly what he can bring to the group. It is when he has joined the Rangers that plans are put in place to stop Drek from “destroying” all the planets and making a new one with all the best features.

From me the story was okay, it kept you entertained and it give you an aim for each new planet that you went on, but that all it was. It doesn’t seem to get exciting till the latter half of the game as this is when all the plans start coming into action and we find out what Captain Qwark did to get himself into prison. If they made the game be more like the final third of the game with the story progression, then I would probably be happier with the story but unfortunately that is not the case.

The one reason I was looking forward to playing this game again was because of the weapons, this is an action game with guns but instead of normal guns you get some weird guns to use. For example, you get an ordinary plasma firing gun but then that is where the normal stops, you have a disco ball that will make enemies dance, a gun that will shoot out blades and a gun that will turn the enemies into sheep. The gun is what makes this game more enjoyable then a normal shooter, you have the choice of using any of the guns whenever you want after you have bought them and then can use them till they upgrade and become even better. with a normal shooter, you always end up using the same two or three guns as they are probably the best in the game while in this one you will have a lot of fun of using them all in different situations.

While playing the game, I noticed just how well everything seemed to fit together like moving around and being able to shoot, while aiming down the sight you are still able to move around as well as jump over any enemy fire that is coming your way. If the game wasn’t programmed as well as it is then this wouldn’t have been a good feature to have as it might mean you would jump into more enemy fire or even just fall of the side.

The game sounds amazing, I love the soundtrack that this game has got to offer, everything from the intro music to the boss battle music everything is that to make sure you have a great time playing and make you want to play better because of how up beat the music is at the right time.

One thing I do wish the game didn’t have was so many scenes from the actual movie, this is because every single time that a cut scene came on from the movie then I would get the stupid notification saying that my recording had been stopped (even though I didn’t even want to record) and then another one saying that it had been started again. Yeah, the cut scenes looked great and were great additions to the game but I really wished they made separate ones for the game.

I think the game is great and a good way to spend 10 hours playing a game, it has got humour, good combat systems and of course the two loveable character Ratchet and Clank. If you have got a PS4 and don’t own this game then you are missing out.

Aaron Morrsi

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