Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Review

This is the final season due to the show being cancelled so in respect for the show I went on a little binge watch and have now fully finished the show. So how good was season 3 and is it a good place for the show to be ended? Anyway, it is time for a review.

After spending the last season trying to get anne not to carry on with her case and to find out that she has discovered that the noise on the end of the voicemail is in fact Sheila things have started getting a little bit strange at the Hammon household, well more strange. Anne now believes that Sheila is a messenger from God and is telling all of her religious friends about it. This makes life harder for Sheila as she just wants to have a normal life and be able to sell houses with her husband. Joel is in the middle of becoming a knight of serbia in order to make sure no one else is going to come after Shelia. While all this is happening Abby and Eric are trying to find a way to make sure the FBI dont find out that they blow up the fracking site.

So as you can tell the third season is action packed and you will struggle to find a moment where nothing is happening. As if something is dying down with Sheila then something else is going to come up with either Joel or Abby or something new all together. This does make for great viewing as it means you just want to sit and watch every single moment, most likely bingeing the whole season at once.

The biggest downfall of this whole show is the CGI, I have said it before but I think that whoever Netflixed hired to make the effect for this show should be instantly fired. I understand that they might be going for the so bad it’s funny or trying to make it look as unrealistic as possible but no matter which way you put it, the CGI is bad and it might make some people not want to watch the show.

The acting is pretty decent, nothing amazing but good enough for the show to be taken seriously. Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo played they parts really well and after spending 3 season (30 episodes) with them as the main cast I do struggle to think of anyone else who would be able to do a better job and be able to play the characters just as well.

I do have to say that the potential relationship that happens between Abby and Eric throughout this whole season was a personal favourite story line of mine. As each time you thought that they might get together something will happen that will stop that and by the end of the season you are just hoping that they finally get together as they both deserve each other.

The way that the season ended has left me with more question than answers especially with the two final scenes, and I do wish that they would allow for one more season just so that the fans can get some answers but big american companies never allow something that doesn’t bring in the millions. I think for what we got the ending is really good but it will always leave you thinking ‘what is going to happen’.

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