Beach Buggy Racing (PS4) Review

Is this the racing game that will be able to rival the likes of Mario Kart or Sonic All Stars? This was my thought when I bought the game and I’ve now finished it so it is time for a review.

The aim of the game is to race against the different characters in different stages and prove to everyone that you are the best. When you beat all the levels in a stage then you get a chance to race against the stage leader and have them join your team if you win.

For me this is just like every other non realistic racing game where there is no storyline what so ever and it is because of this that I don’t like playing them for a long time as I get bored doing the same thing again and again as if I have nothing to aim for other than beating the game then what is the point.

The game has a low poly look which is a person favourite of mine but due to the limited amount of tracks then you get bored of seeing the same thing again and again no matter how good it looks. There are 13 different tracks for you to play on, this number is tiny compared to the 48 offered in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and still less then the small 21 one offered in sonic all stars. You will see everything this game has got to offer as once you’ve been on the same track 4 different times you start looking for the shortest route and mastering the track which does sound like a good thing but dear god does it get boring very quickly.

The music is sub par, I only played the music on the first stage as I wanted to hear everything that it had to offer and I had done at this point and quickly changed to either a spotify playlist or just watched some youtube videos as it was better then listening to the same music again and again.

The game play terribly, I have played Mario Kart before and I have finished Sonic All stars, to compare this game to those in terms of game play is like comparing an apple and a car just cant be done. The kart controls horrible, they have got a turning circle of tank and if you try and drift then good luck as it is just as fast to turn normally and turning normally gives you a better chance of avoiding the edges anyway. The game just feels slow as well, the only time you feel truly fast in this racing game is when you use the boost item and that only lasts for 5 seconds so you are quickly thrown back into the slowness.

The one good thing this game has got going for it is it’s price, it only costs £7.99 and you get a long game for your money. The game will give you 15 hours minimum worth of game play for your money.

If you have got a Nintendo console then don’t waste your money on this game, save up and buy Mario Kart you will have a lot more fun then what this game can offer. If you don’t have a Nintendo console then get Sonic All Stars it is not much more expensive and is better quality for your money.

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