Wolfenstein The New Order (PS4) Review

I have no idea when or why I bought this game but I discovered it in my library and thought why not give it a go and see how good it is. Anyway, it is time for a review.

We follow the life of Captain Blazkowicz as he is a solider in the war against the Nazi, during this fight him and his group are captured by Deathshead and makes Blazkowicz choose between two people on his team, when he makes the decision the group escapes but due to an accident Blazkowicz falls into a coma and is then brought to an asylum. This is where he stays for 14 years before he manages to get his senses back but not until he finds out that the Nazis have won the war. This mean Blazkowicz will do anything in order to find the resistance and make sure that the Nazi are no longer going to be in charge.

The story itself is quite good, I don’t know a lot about the wolfenstien storyline but from what I have seen I prefer this story line a lot more than any other FPS games I have played in recent times. The way that the story is told instead of it just being a game where you told to do something and aim for it, you actually start feeling for the guy and hope that everything turns out okay for him and his girlfriend, if anything it makes you work harder in order to get the guy to safety.

The game itself plays quite well, I was quite surprised as it is one of the big two FPS games out there that I was expecting something a lot worse. The game does try to make you use hip fire a lot more than any other FPS game I have played but to be honest I prefer it this way except for when ever I used the marksman than I insisted on using the sight for those special head shots. It also this game seems to love akimbo, by this I mean every time you find two of the same gun then it would let you use them both at the same time. Akimbo automatic shotguns are so overpowered but boy did I enjoy using them which is something I never thought I would say about an FPS game.

The game is hard, but not to the point where you want to rage quit every 2 minutes but where you know you are so close to beating the level that you try a slightly different tactic and you are able to do it. I had one level where I was stuck on it for an hour but thanks to finding an armour upgrade I was able to finish the level with 20 hp.

For a game that has a mixture of old and future tech i didn’t know what to expect especially when i first started playing and saw blue sparks coming out a guys back pack but after a while everything starts to look natural which is credit to the artist as it is a mix that you wouldn’t think goes well together as a lot of people either have one or the other not both.

Do i recommend this game? Hell yes, you can get it very cheap and if not then buy it at the full price as it is a game that needs to be enjoyed by all. In fact, it has made me want to go out and buy another wolfenstein game to see if it just as good.

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