Tom Macdonald – Deathreats Album Review

Tom Macdonalds is one of my favourite rappers currently and when I was looking for his newest stuff I found out his latest album he hasn’t put on any streaming platforms so I had to go to his website and buy it for myself, well the album and a cool looking t shirt.

Toms rapping style focuses more on getting the message across then making a summer hit like a lot of other rappers go for and it is because of this that I love his music. Each of his songs that he has released a music video for on youtube has a deep message behind and just about every person who has listened to it loves it as well. This album is basically 18 songs of some of the best lyrics ever wrote for a rap album (that i’ve heard).

I’m not going to lie, after listening to some of the songs three or more times they do become very boring as after the message gets across there really isn’t another reason to come back to the track as it doesn’t give you the entertainment you want from music. This is also the reason why he probably hasn’t grown as much as I thought he would of from listening to his first song as he currently sits on 370k youtube subscribers even though just about every song he releases has millions of views.

The album costs £12 ($15) which is just over the regular price of an album in the UK, and even then you don’t get a proper case for it, it is just a cardboard cover. I know the guy is probably doing all the work himself for this album but it makes the album feel cheap especially when you are paying above average price for it. I do wish that he would put the album on spotify or apple music so more people are able to listen to some of the songs, and get the message out of them but this is his decision.

I don’t find myself coming back to this album ever again as I have listened through 3 times and the only two songs I can see myself listening to again is Helluvit and the bonus demo track shooter and that is only because I really like his voice mixed with the backing track.

Unless you are desperate to listen to more Tom Macdonald I don’t recommend buying this album as after a few plays it will just be left on the side and probably never be touched again. However I do recommend you go and buy a shirt or something as those are really high quality and I love my hangover gang t shirt.

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