Lucy (2014) Review

This is one of those movies that I have wanted to see for some time but am only just getting around to seeing. I know what the story is based on and as I have seen Limitless I am looking forward to seeing how they are going to make this story any different.

We follow Lucy who is currently living in Taiwan with her boyfriend who works for a man known as Mr. Jang. Lucy’s boyfriends – Richard – ask her to make a delivery to Mr. Jang in his name but this is when things start to go wrong. Richard is killed when Lucy is just about to make the delivery and when she is taken upstairs to meet Mr Jang she finds out what she was made to deliver and that her role in the delivery is not over yet. She is going to be delivering CPH4 in her stomach, however when she is being held captive she gets kicked in the stomach causing the bag with the CPH4 in it to split and blood stream to take in this new drug. The drug allows Lucy to have access to more than 10% of her brain making her able to change the way she looks and have telekinesis. It is now up to her to stop the drugs from getting to where they are meant to be going but at the same time making sure that all the knowledge she now has after accessing her brain is able to kept so people are able to find out more about everything in the world.

I know the story sounds good as it is what made me want to watch in the first place but it take so long for anything to actually happen that their really is only 30-40 minutes of actual story in a 90 minute movie. At the start things are intense and makes you want to keep watching in order to try and find out more of what is actually happening but even then not a lot happens but you are still waiting for when something does.

The best part about this whole movie is the CGI, this is some of the best CGI I have ever seen and it is amazing at some of the things that they were able to pull off in the movie. I know compared to some of the movies that are being released now are pulling stuff like this off all the time but this was 5 years ago and is at the current standard.

For me the acting in the movie is not too great, no one really does anything to stand out at all. Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is monotone the whole way through the movie and only once do you ever see her show any sort of emotion, for me this probably the easiest money she has ever made as she didn’t really have to do much acting at all. Even Morgan Freeman who is an actor loved by all didn’t do much in the movie. He talked about the capabilities of the brain and when he finally meets Lucy no emotion was shown. The whole cast is very monotone with the only actor I see show any sort of emotion was Mr Jang and that is only because he has his hand stabbed.

This is just another way of telling the same sort of story as limitless just that this one ended differently. If you have yet to watch either of the movies then give limitless the first watch as it is movie that you are going to prefer trust me.

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