Doom (PS4) Review

This is a game I played when it was first released on the Xbox One and I loved it then but now it is 3 years later and it was time to return to the game and see if it is as good as I remember. Anyway, it is time for a review.

The story behind this is game is you are on mars where the facility you are based has been invaded from the forces of hell. The way that they have managed to get onto mars and into your facility is because someone has been helping them get here. So it is up to you to find a way to kill anything that comes from hell and find a way to make sure that they won’t be coming back anytime soon. I know that this is not the best sounding story in the world and while playing through the game you actually don’t care about the story you just want to find where the last enemy is so you can shoot it in the face with the rocket launcher.

The way this game plays is fantastic and is probably one of my all-time favourite games I have played on console. I didn’t notice anything wrong with the way doom guy was controlled he jumped when I pressed the X button, he would shoot when I pressed the triggers and everything the character was meant to do he did when the command was made. Every time you died on this game is wasn’t because the character did jump high enough or because the gun didn’t fire fast enough I was because you didn’t make the command at the right time and it was great knowing this as it meant if you wanted to improve at the game is meant you had to get better.

The game looks amazing, everything to the way landscape to the guns to the monster themselves you do find yourself looking in awe at what the designers have managed to do with this game. I will say that if you are planning on playing this game that you like the colour red as you will be seeing a lot of it from the blood to being on hell. But even still they managed to make the game look good even with the limited palette.

There is one thing I would change about this game and that is to put a radar that you can use to find out where all the enemies are at, of course this won’t be that useful when they are coming at you at every direction possible but it is when your down to the last two enemies one being basically Satan himself and an Imp you won’t be missing Satan due to him being 12 feet tall but going around the whole map finding the Imp did take away some of the fast paced action that was making the game so great.

 My overall opinion of this game is that it is fantastic and is actually made me want to go and play the first three doom game which I have never played before. I have said many times that my favourite part of any game is the story and if the game doesn’t have a good story then I am very unlikely going to like the game very much. However, this game is one of the expectations, I loved just about everything about this game expect the story and that is mainly because I didn’t pay any attention to what was happening as I was far too focused onto getting to the next checkpoint and wondering where that last fucking Imp is that is stopping me from getting it.

Overall I think that you should buy this game if you have the chance too, as I don’t see how you can hate it unless you’re not a fan of FPS. But saying that FPS aren’t my favourite genre in game but this game is something different. From the difficulty level which makes you become a better gamer to be able to finish the game to being able to choose which gun gets an upgrade everything just seems to work perfectly together.


  1. I wanted to enjoy this, I can see that it’s a good game but it just didn’t click with me. I found it overly twitchy and reliant upon reflexes, nothing wrong with that at all, just not the sort of game I get on with! I may return to it at a later date though


    1. It is the reliant on reflexes which made the game great for me as if you weren’t quick enough you would die and that just made me want to continue playing till I beat the game. Don’t get me wrong at some points when I struggled with a certain boss I wanted to throw my controller through a wall but I still kept playing because I liked just about everything about the game


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