nothing,nowhere ruiner Album Review

Before a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of nothing,nowhere before and if it wasn’t for his biggest song Hammer I still wouldn’t off. After loving Hammer I wanted to find some more music from the guy and that introduced me to his latest album ruiner. Anyway, it is time for a review.

I find it hard to describe the type of music that nothing,nowhere (from now on will be nn) makes as each song on this album feels and sounds different from the others. It has a mix of rapping and singing which is probably the best mix as it means you will find it very hard to grow bored of this album. Dont get me wrong he still has a lot of auto tune in his music but with the backing track he has a style that you will struggle to find anyone who matches it.

Some of his songs are very lyrical based which doesn’t really draw me in that much as when I listen to music I don’t really care about what is being said I just want the voice, the beat and everything else in between to be matched perfectly. However that doesn’t mean his more lyrical songs don’t make me want to stop everything I am doing and focus on what he is saying. For me the best one out of his lyrical songs is better, this is because you can feel the emotion in each of the words he is saying. This might just be his voice doing this or auto tune, either way it makes for a great song.

I said in the first paragraph that it was hammer that made me listen to this album and after finishing it hammer is still my favourite song as it just seems to work so well together and no matter how many times I listen to the song I still am in love with this song and it has been a couple of weeks. Closely followed behind however is ruiner, the quiet backing track with the lyrical rapping just makes for a very good song and I am loving it.

If you want a change from the current trend of rapping albums with every mumble rapper seeming to be dropping an album this year then give this a listen to as for a guy who currently has 84k subs on youtube and 850,000 monthly listeners on spotify he has got to be a hidden gem and I am looking forward to seeing how his career is going to go from here.

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