Y: The Last Man Book 2 Review

After loving the first book in this series I was really looking forward to getting to find out more about Yorick and how he is coping with being the last man alive. Anyway, it is time for a review.

In the last book we left ith finding out that there were two more male humans alive, but they were in space and were planning on coming back down to earth. After Yorick, Dr. Mann and 355 find out about this they make it their mission to make sure they get all the help they need when they get back to earth and making sure what had killed all the men doesn’t kill them as well.

From start to finish I found myself loving every single part of this story as I just wanted to know more about this world and each and every character it brings into the story. Even the bad guys in the story I still want to know more about their back story and what is driving them into making the decisions they have made. There is a specific scene in this book were we get to find out a lot more about Yorick and it is things that I personally never expected. For me this just means I get more invested into the series and actually start a connection with the characters.

One part that I dont love is when Yorick forms a connection with a women, something will happen where they cant continue whatever relationship seems to be forming. This might be because the women want to stay where they are or they have died trying to do the right thing. I am only two books into the story yet I want Yorick to find Beth or to find someone else so he can finally be happy in this world.

The art style is still decent enough to make the story that much more interesting but once again it is the full page arts that they have got before the start of a new chapter that will make you say wow. It gives you a little hint into what is going to happen next but you do still look forward to seeing them as they are just that good

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