One Punch Man Volume 5 Review

After the way volume 4 ended I wanted to get right into the next volume so I could find out what is going to happen next. Anyway, it is time  for a review.

Puri Puri Prisoner has escaped prison in order to take down The Deep Sea King, this means he is goes into his angel mode, which also means he gets naked. He gets defeated and that is where TDSK goes on a rampage and destroys every hero that gets in his way. He has one aim and that is to be the King of the land. There is only on person who is able to beat him.

For the first time in the series I was actually a bit bored while reading, this is because the same thing kept happening again and again to the point where I was halfway through the book and nothing had really happened yet. More and more heroes were trying to stop the TDSK and each one of them failed until Saitama steps in. for me the only really interesting part of the whole ready was the final 3rd and that is because we got to see how Saitama handles a group of people who said that all the heroes before him are worthless.

Of course it is still funny and Puri Puri is one of the weirdest characters I have ever seen/read about but while he was involved in the book he kept adding that little bit humour this series has become known for. Saitama didn’t show us anything that was remotely funny in this volume which was a surprise. In fact he is barely features until the final third which when a whole series is based on the guy is very weird.

I do want to see how the creators take this onto the next volume in the series as it seems like Saitama is changing slightly and I am looking forward to finding out what kind of people he is changing into.

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