Ready Player One by Ernst Cline Review

So its common knowledge that I love video games and once I heard about this book there was no way that I wasn’t going to buy it. A book that takes places in an online video game world, count me in


The creator of the largest game in the world OASIS has just died, but when he died he made one last challenge. Whoever finds the 3 keys and opens the 3 gates and find the Easter egg in the game will get all of James Halliday fortune. This fortune comes to about $250 billion, not only that but they will have full control of GSS, the company in which Halliday owns and is also the company which made OASIS. This is where we follow Wade, a young man who will do anything to win the completion and has memorised everything about Halliday in order to help him find the egg. The thing is that he is not the only one who is doing ANYTHING to find the egg.

My opinion

So I am pretty sure that this is the first book that I have ever read that is based on a videogame, but that just made my expectations of this book not all that high. The only reason why I even heard of this book is because I was going through an old book haul video of one of my favourite booktubers, and after she said it was amazing I had to go out and buy it. I am extremely happy to say that she didn’t over sell the book and it is in fact amazing, I can easily say that this book has made it into my top 5 books ever.

The main character wade has basically memorised everything there is about Halliday. He is able to recite movies word for word, play almost any 80’s games with just one life and win with a high score. The things is, if he couldn’t do these things then he would never of been able to win the egg. I am so happy that this hasn’t happened in the real world because I would be screwed, I have watched a lot of marvel movies about 10 times but even then I could only remember certain scenes, but even then I cant remember all the words.

This book has a lot of references to 80s movies and video games, so this was before I was born so I was slightly lost when they were mentioning these sort of things. But thankfully Ernst Cline is such a good author he would describe everything that was happening such as specific levels and scenes. This made it a lot easier to understand in some important parts of the book and made the read that much better.

In the world of OASIS, wade is not the only one who is able to remember everything that Halliday did, so when the scoreboard official starts working you get introduced to some of the other main characters who until the end of the book we only know there online name. Now this is where I think the book gets really good, as it makes you think that the reason why they don’t talk on any other site of social media is because they don’t want the other people to know what they really look like and just want them to focus on liking their personality. This is shown a lot in Wade and his best friend Aech (H), the whole time that Wade and H had been friends (5 years) , wade got a surprise when they first met.  Wade thought that H was a guy, this is because of the male avatar that H uses and software that she uses to deepen her voice, so you could imagine the surprise when wade finally meets H and finds out she is a lesbian black women. But because of the link they had with their personalities this doesn’t affect their relationship, if anything they seem to be even closer.

This really makes you think about how important personalities are compared to how people look, to a lot of people it is all about how the other person looks and what kind of body they have. Sure its always nice to have a good looking person on your arm to show off to your friends and other people. But I am sure that a lot of people would rather have someone who has got everything in common with them and can call them there best friend on their arm as that way you know your going to be happy with them.

So to conclude, this book is great and if you love sci-fi and video games then this will probably be the best book you will ever read, and if not almost certainly top 10. It has everything you will want in a book, action, comedy, romance, video game knowledge and trust me if you are a geek/nerd you will love reading about the different planets that are included in this game. This book is written amazingly and makes it very easy to get straight into the book. This is my all time favourite book.

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