One Punch Man Volume 4 Review

As soon as I finished the third volume I jumped straight into the fourth as I wanted to know more about this world and Saitama. Anyway, it is time for a review.

After destroying the Meteor that was going to destroy a whole city, Saitama’s rank has jumped into the top 5, however little does he know that people hate him for it as the broken pieces of meteor destroyed homes and peoples jobs. Not only that but people also think he got lucky because a group of S rank heroes had weakened the meteor. It is when he goes outside for the first time that he comes across other heroes who don’t like the fact that someone so new in the hero ranking has jumped up so high so quickly. While all this is happening a monster is after revenge after Saitama killed one of his soldiers and is now going to take revenge on every single person. This is the return of Sonic, who has broken out of jail after an S rank hero did the same to come and fight this new monster.

I am really liking how the story is progressing in this book as we get to see a little bit more of a serious side to the manga. We get to see people throw hate at Saitama and we get to see how other S rank heroes who actually like Saitama are reacting to this news.

Of course we still get the funny moments to make sure we aren’t all doom and gloom after finishing the book. I have said this numerous times while reviewing this series but it is the funny moments that make me keep coming back for more every time I finish a book. However if the story keeps on going to way it is i think that might be another reasons to add to the growing list of why I love this series.

The other things that brings me back again and again is the amazing art style it has got, I have compared it to Attack on Titans before, and i said it then and going to say it now. The art style in One Punch Man is a lot better than AOT. The main reason behind this is because we are able to see every little detail that is happening even in a fight scene, this is where AOT is let down because you have to wait till the end of a scene to be able to tell what has actually just happened.

I have just bought volume 5 and as soon as it is delivered the next review will be on its way.

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