Ready Player One (2018) Review

Ready Player One the book is my all time favourite book, so finding out a movie was getting made I was horrified as I have yet to see a good movie that comes from a book and I don’t want my favourite book ruined. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Wade Watts lives in 2045 and his life is a video game, this means he spends as much time as possible inside of the OASIS, a virtual reality game that allows anyone to be anything. The creator of the game James Halliday has died and his final injection into the game was an easter egg hunt where anyone who is able to find the three keys he has hidden inside of the game will win the rights of his trillion dollar company as well as owning OASIS. This mean every single person who plays the game is after the keys, as well as IOI who are the second biggest company in the world and want to own Hallidays company so they can become the biggest and get even more money. It is up to Wade and his friends to try their best in order to stop them.

I am not going to compare the stories between the movie and the book until the very end of the review but that will just be a paragraph about the differences and my thoughts. The story in the movie is good, it does a great job in making sure you want to watch the whole movie and not miss a single second of it. It has everything i want in a movie, a lot of action, deep story which makes you think and a little bit of a romance. It has got scenes that will make you almost want to cry and it has got scenes that will make you laugh out loud.

The movie itself looks fantastic and it is everything I thought the OASIS would look like when i was reading through the book. Every single time the OASIS was shown i just wanted to see more of the planets, more of what each person made their avatar look like and basically just more of the OASIS in general. This is a little bit of a bad point as we do get shown the same few places a lot but at least they looked amazing.

Now the bad point, the acting is sub par at best. Tye Sheridan does an okay job in playing Wade Watts but a lot of the time I just wanted more emotion coming out of him, in one scene he manages to squeeze a tear out but even then his face looks exactly the  same as it did in every other scene and just made the whole scene redundant. Olivia Cooke once again does an okay job but the only time I think she did anything good was when she was playing a romance scene, in those scenes i think she did a great job and loved seeing her work but in any other scene i couldn’t feel anything towards her as for me she wasn’t showing enough excitement or anything else. Out of the whole cast the only two characters I actually enjoyed watching in the real life scenes were Simon Pegg who did a great job in playing both the Curator and Hallidays best friend and partner Og. the other actor is probably the youngest in the cast Philip Zhao who plays Sho, he managed to be both cute and funny and it makes you want him to be in just about every scene so he can say something else and bring a smile to your face.

The story between the book and the movie are similar enough that you can tell they are the same but in a lot of places they have either got the wrong character in the wrong place, or they have changed the events all together. For example the first challenge was discovered by some other play it as discovered by Wade when he discovered a skull shape on the school island, and it wasn’t a race either it was playing an arcade game. As a movie I did enjoy watching but as a movie version of a book i think the guys who wrote the scripts are total idiots and need a new job stacking shelves.

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