Pokemon The Movie : I Choose You Review

It has been some time since I last watched a pokemon movie or anything pokemon related so when seeing this on Netflix recently I thought why not give it a watch especially seeing how it starts from the beginning. Anyway, it is time for a review


Ash is 10 years old and is about to get his first pokemon and he has his heart set on squirtle, he howeveAr wakes up very late and when it comes to getting his pokemon he is too late and the only one left is Pikachu who doesn’t like people. When starting his journey he discovers that Pikachu doesn’t like to be stuck in his pokeball and still doesn’t like Ash, it takes Ash saving Pikachus life for all this to change. It is from here where the real adventure begins as he is trying to find a way to get to Ho-oh to prove he is the real Pokemon Master thanks to the Rainbow Wing he was given by the Pokemon.

At first I thought that the story was just going to be the same as the first season but squashed down into an hour and a half, but it is about halfway through where the differences start to appear. Not only does this movie include pokemon from every single generation but it also has new partners for ash. I didn’t know anything about this movie but starting the movie i noticed straight away that Brock and Misty were not going to be part of it due to Ash getting the 4th badge in the movie and meeting up with Verity and Sorrel. I was looking forward to seeing Brock and Misty with the new graphics this movie shows but unfortunately we didn’t get them. Instead they replaced them but made the new guys exactly the same as them, Verity is from Sinnoh but has majority water Pokemon (Misty) while Sorrel cares about pokemon and wants to know everything about them (a bit like brock but instead of a carer Sorrel wants to be a professor).

The way the movie looks is great and i loved seeing every single second of it as I haven’t seen Pokemon look like this good for a long time now. However one thing I didn’t like was having the slight mixture of old style added into the new style. Don’t get me wrong it looks decent and it does add a little to the nostalgia factor but it just doesn’t look right to me, I would of prefered one or the other not both.

Thankfully one thing they managed to keep throughout the entire movie is those scenes that still hit you hard every single time you watch them. The butterfree scene, the saving Pikachu and saving charmander they all make a comeback in this movie and dam I am 23 years old and i still almost cried at each and every single one of these scenes.

This is a good movie for people who want to get into the Pokemon world and haven’t seen a lot of it yet. It introduces you to the main two characters and gives you a little bit of taste of what is to come in the series. However i don’t see long term fans like this movie very well as it does nothing to add to the current story due to it start from the beginning and have a bunch of brand new characters and pokemon.

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